063 (Medium)

We got a call from a regular customer in Upper Kedron and fitted the job in just after an pleasant Easter break that included some fishing in Whyalla. I did not win the Australian Snapper Championship but had a great time trying.

Anyway, I was told they were not chandeliers going up and they were simple lights so I quoted a good price. When we found out that they consisted of three lights to be replaced with fittings that had over forty pieces of crystal to be clipped to the base we insisted that the owner was going to learn how to attach these trinkets to finish off the lights.

067 (Medium)

The last light was trickier as he wanted the smoke detector replaced for this pendant light, so we insisted that the smoke detector be relocated and the light be a new installation. That being agreed to, found us shortening sixteen leads to an exacting length which we did and then we allowed them to clean the finger prints from the fitting in their own time.

We had to charge more as the job was not as described in any way and consisted of much more tedious work and a second visit as one of the fittings was damaged and had to be replaced completely.

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