It does not look like it is a concern at all but when a friend of the owner ran his hand around in the dark, he brushed his hand over the screw 004 (Medium)that holds on the lid of the junction box and got a shocking tingle.

Forrest rang from his home in Enoggera and had a small list of jobs for us to do, one of which was to replace this junction box. It looks innocent enough to the untrained eye but the lid is not fitting correctly. The screw that holds the lid on would normally fit down a insulated collar and in to a insulated nut but in this case the screw had missed the collar centre and was to one side between the collar and the live terminal, hence livening up the screw and making a potential death trap to anyone unsuspecting.

You can see closely that the lid is not fitting correctly at the bottom left of the junction box and a trained electrician should have noticed this in his workings.

We were able to fix this in a minute and it was well worth the time it took.

You could also install separate safety switches at the switchboard to protect all the circuits in the house and minimise the danger. A note also that this was on the light circuit and the live terminal did not go through a switch. It was alive all the time.

If you suspect faulty electrical work or even dodgy workmanship, then it could be worthy of an inspection to check the safety of the installation. Call Chris and Mason Barry from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane if you have any concerns on 0418739860