Bill rang from Airforce out at Eatons Hill. They needed an electrician to connect a Air002 (Medium) conditioner to a new circuit on a job at Carseldine. We quoted over the phone and the price was accepted by the customer.

The next day ( Wednesday the 23rd December ) we went to site and Bill was well into the installation of the unit. We assessed the situation and started to install the electrical cabling from the switchboard into the duct work that you can see coming down the wall. It was a little tricky but we were up to the task. We then added the circuit protection / safety switch and were now ahead of the outdoor unit installation process so we went to lunch.

When we returned, Bill was nearly finished and we were able to install the isolator and complete the tails into the unit.

Then we tested the unit, energised the supply and turned the unit on for the customer. He was elated to have the air conditioner supplied and installed before Christmas at such short notice.

Talk about leaving it to the last minute.

We can highly recommend the team at Airforce as there installation work is always of the highest quality from start to finish and I have worked along side them for more than 20 years now.

If you need a electrician for any task, call Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane and talk to Chris and Mason about you requirements and let us make it work for you.