Leonie Rang in a little bit of a panic on Saturday afternoon. 0001178_hager-rcd-mcb-combo-1pn-6ka-c-10a-16a-20a-25a-32a-30ma-a-claShe lives at Albany Creek and had a problem with one of her power circuits tripping and then not being able to be reset.

We attended promptly and found that the circuit breaker was faulty so it was changed and the power was able to be turned back on. We then also went through the house to see if there were any further issues with the appliances and no problems were found.

We also checked that there were no laptop computers with the LS-15 plug that has been recalled.

If you have an after hours problem, call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane, 24/7 on 0418739860

Note:- Photo shown is a safety switch combination unit in the older 2 pole wide style. They now come in a single pole width.