058 (Medium) 059 060We were called to The Gap today by Carmel to replace 3 power points that had cracks in them. What we found was three potential shocks.

Those little cracks on the top of the switch toggle can allow moisture to enter and there is a live contact in there. The electricity can then travel using this moisture and give you or a loved one a very nasty shock.

You can also see from the photo of the power point without the cover that the problem can be unseen. In this case the power point was moving around when you put a plug in or took it out and when we removed it, it basically fell apart.

We recommend the immediate replacement of any cracked power points or light switches and if you are cleaning around a switch or power point then please use a moist cloth that you cannot squeeze any more moisture from, in other words it should nearly be dry.

If you have any power points or light switches that you suspect are faulty call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane and let us replace these to keep you and your family safe