Janette from Albany Creek rang and asked about getting some little jobs done so we promptly booked the job in and went there today.

001 (Small)

I started with moving the fridge power point up about 200mm and replacing it because it had a broken switch toggle, then adding a blank plate to the ho

le. Next was to swap the electric hot plates white fitted straight in to the cutout. There was also a broken switch mechanism to the garage light and another power point upostairs with a broken switch toggle.

Having done all these tasks we then looked at the patio with the new patio cover. The existing light needed replacing but the switch was on the wrong side of the big sliding door, so we offered to move it over to the other side of the doorway, as well as replace that light and then also install a new fluorescent light to the patio which the builder put a conduit in for.

All jobs done and the account was written up. To their surprise it was less than what I estimated it to be and there is another happy customer to add to the list.

If you need those odd jobs done, call Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane and let Chris and Mason do those small jobs for you.