026 (Medium)I had a call from Paul who had just flown in from Cairns and had no power to his power points. He is local to Upper Kedron so he gave me a call around 7.30pm. He wanted to arrange for me to come around in the morning but I thought I might be able to use my experience to help out over the phone.

I asked s few questions of whether he had located a safety switch that was turned off and he assured me that everything in the switchboard was turned on. I was persistent with my questions as to the safety switch and its position of the switch and he said they were all on.

I then asked for a photo of the switchboard and the circuits to which he said he could take photos and send them and I said I would look at the photos and then call him back.

Well I took a look at the first photo and realised the problem so I rang back very quickly and explained that the safety switch was in the Off position and had to be pushed down to the On position as it was clear in the picture that the word ON was at the bottom of the switch.

Paul insisted that it was correct and I further explained that in early days, there was confusion as to where the ON position should be on electrical switches as the older style main switches were Down On and Up Off. Circuit breakers came along and it was a bit of a competition as to where it should be. The winner appears to be what we currently have on the market and that is widely accepted to be Up for On and Down for Off even though some manufacturers produced the opposite for a period of time.

Being relentless I insisted that he take a closer look and he had to agree when the penny dropped and the power was restored. He was very apologetic and I said it was fine, no charge for the advice, but he insisted on bringing around a bottle of wine for my troubles at that time of the evening. Thank you very much Paul.

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