006 (Medium)

We had a call from Debbie of Albany Creek. She was after an electrician to install a replacement ceiling fan and some replacement lights in the kitchen.

Mason tackled the upgrade of the fan while I was in charge of the replacement of the four down lights in the kitchen. In the time it took me with the lights, the fan was just about completed. We all learned that the new fan did not require a shaft and knuckle mount to the ceiling but instead it had a plate that secured to the ceiling and the whole motor assembly connected to this with a cowling that then slipped over the entire assembly before the blades were attached.

Just one cover plate on the bottom and all was completed except for the programming of the remote control. The end result was impressive with very neat lines and it was also very functional, putting off a great breeze throughout the room on the highest speed. We are both impressed with the quality of the new DC ceiling fans that are coming on to the market and Debbie was excited to have them in the home and see them working.

If you need a fan changed over just call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane