I received an early call from a very worried Matt in Ferny Grove. 007 (Medium)

There was a strange sound coming from the air duct in the babies room and they were concerned that it could be dangerous. When they turned off all the power it stopped. So Matt was looking for an electrician to locate the problem and isolate it if it was dangerous.

I certainly was concerned but had an idea as to what the noise was. Once I arrived I listened to the noise but a certain young boy of under three was making that impossible. Opting to go into the roof cavity area and just locate it directly, I found that there was a damper motor on the air conditioning duct that was the issue and I was able to remove the neutral wire from it and that stopped the motor from whirring.

I said that air conditioner people would know of the issue and gave them a photo of the offending unit so that others could identify a replacement part more easily.

I also advised them about the duct being in very poor shape and having come apart at a joint which would be highly ineffective for the unit. Turns out it was to duct air from the roof top air cooling tower and not an air conditioner.

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