Barry’s Electrical received a call from Joan of Everton Park.007 (Medium) Energex had upgraded her service line between the pole and the house and when they checked the switchboard they found that the Main switch for the hot water system would not turn off at all and a previous electrician had taken wiring from the wrong side of the main switch so they wrote a defect on the house.

We thank Energex for their attention to these details as their actions could have saved this house from a fire or a person from an electric shock because of the defects.

Joan called us immediately and we were there before Energex had time to leave the site. It was explained that they thought a new switchboard only would be appropriate to fix the problems and we had the parts in the work van.

We firstly removed the entire switchboard as it contained asbestos in the front panel and also was lined with asbestos on the sides and back of the internal area. Once these were removed carefully we commenced installing the new010 (Medium) switchboard with all new single pole safety switches to the lights and a new power circuit that we created. Then we reused the old safety switch from the other power circuit to save a little money for Joan.

There was supposed to be two power circuits in the house because of the number of power points but this appeared to have been overlooked by previous electricians of which I question their qualifications.

The end result looks much simpler and now has better safety switch protection to the property as well as a current limiting main switch which protects the mains from overloading. Just a simple bit of sign writing to indicate what the circuits are and we are all finished.

If your switchboard looks a little bit tired like this one then call Chris and Mason to do an expert job on replacing it with a far superior product. Call Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane on 0418739860.