006 (Medium)We went over to Taringa today to meet a regular customer. Rosemary had requested that we replace one light in the kitchen and then also replace a light in the work room downstairs.

The existing light was quite ineffective as it just spot lighted three areas of the room and left Rosemary wanting better light. We then installed a 40 watt strip light which she had purchased and the effect was stunning. The room became flooded with usable light that was much better for the rooms use.

It also works out to be cheaper to run as the old light was probably 150 watts of hot halogen light. That will be more 005 (Medium)than a 70% decrease in electricity and we can all do with a saving like that given the direction that electricity accounts are going.

I am constantly installing more and more energy efficient LED lights and I am also pleased to see the new designs coming out along with the new Microwave sensor lights that can see through walls and windows like these Atom sensor light Bunkers http://www.atomlighting.com.au/?page_id=42

If you need to brighten up an area call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane and let us sort it out.