We have seen this switchboard a couple of times before.010 (Medium)

This time Lee rang and wanted the old fuses gone and we suggested separate safety switches for the power circuits and for us to re-use to old safety switches for the other circuits. There was nothing wrong with these older units and it would be a waste of money to throw them out.

In less than three hours we had stripped the old fuses out and removed the circuit breakers from the meter area of the panel. The new base was installed and holes drilled to accommodate the new layout.

Main Switches align on the left most commonly and the the stove received a new circuit breaker next. Then we installed three new safety switch / circuit breakers for the three power circuits. That means that if one circuit has a fault then only one circuit is affected.

The lights were put on a new circuit breaker but we re-used the old safety switch as they are a good quality unit. This also means that if only the lights go out then 009 (Medium)you could still have lights from things like the range hood and any lamps that plug into power points as well as the telly and computer screens.

Finally we wired the most recently installed four pole safety switch to the three Air-conditioner circuits. We have found that installing safety switches to Air-conditioners can actually save the printed circuit boards from gecko attack as it limits the fault current in several cases that we have seen personally. Bill from Airforce pty. ltd., who is our recommended air-conditioning specialist, also insists on safety switch protection on all new units that we install with them as it also helps with any warranty issues.

All clearly sign written so that it is easy to understand for the home owner and the job is complete.

If you need a tidy up in the meter box and switchboard areas then call Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane and let Chris and Mason sort it out promptly for you.