Don gave us a call from Fern005 (Medium)y Hills with a couple of small jobs to do and a quote as well.

We arrived the next day and while Mason was replacing a power point and a switch mechanism I quoted the new switchboard and a new LED light for the kitchen.

Don checked with his wife and the go ahead was given.

At this point we were held up on the next job so we opted to007 (Medium)o do it straight away and Don was happy for that to happen so Mason picked up the new light while I started on the switchboard. The old board was a fuse board with extra fuses to one side and a surge protector beside that with a safety switch protecting the 2 power circuits only mounted on top of all this.

Now it is all in the one neat package with individual safety switches to the two power circuits and individual safety switches to the stove, air conditioner and light circuits as well. The individual units also have circuit breaker protection as well which makes the whole thing quite compact and simple. Don was very pleased with the neatness of the finished product.

If you switchboard area requires some electrical expertise, call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane and let us make it safer for you.