Sometimes we work at heights and then there are the times we work to the extreme.

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During the week I thought about using the large extension ladder to replace a light on the eave of a home at Ferny Grove but it would have been too long to fit under the eave.

I also have a 12 foot step ladder but the driveway was on a angle which would have been a problem to the stability of the ladder. I thought about leaning the ladder against the wall but the angle was a bit steep.

It worked out to be a perfect width to place it on top of the retaining wall as I did but I must say that it did not shake the ladder when going up or down.

Back in the old days I would have been a little more game but age must make us more wary of the possible harm we could come to. In the second photo I was up past where the ladder could fully extend so I got a pole platform to get a little higher and then had to lay on the new cross arm to reach out to the connections, nearly 10 metres up. I did have a pole belt and safety harness on, all be it an older style one.

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