We had a phone call from John of Upper Kedron. He was in need of an electrician to replace two ceiling fans and install two other ceiling fans.002 (Medium)

It was always going to be a warm day so hence the towels to keep us dry. I was only sweating mildly but quite lucky because Mason opted to go in the ceiling to add the extra wiring for the two new fan lights. It did not take too long but we did come across one small flaw to the plan. The owner had supplied the globes for the light in the fan but they were two 72 watt halogen globes that put out probably equivalent to the old 100 watt lams heat per globe. The lamp holders were rated to 60 watts maximum so we opted to supply 2 x 15 watt compact fluro’s in place of them.

Mason started the job a little before I arrived to help with the wiring and then he finished the job off while I went to a minor emergency at a home in Eatons Hill.

At least John and his family have fans to help with the heat at the moment in Brisbane.

If you need a ceiling fan repaired or replaced, call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane. We will attend promptly and clean up after ourselves with a smile.