I had a call from Mason today and he was telling me about his safety switch that was tripping intermittently.007 (Medium)008 (Medium)

I asked some questions about the home at Albany Creek and whether the circuit with the main bedroom air conditioner was tripping and also if he could isolate the unit and test it with a megger. Gecko’s were my concern as they have been known to get onto the printed circuit boards and cause faults that trip safety switches.

He found the unit to have a fault and explored a little further into the unit. What he found was not a pretty sight and smell. The gecko had expired and flies had blown the critter to a point that was a little gut wrenching.

Mason then called Bill from Airforce out at Eatons Hill and Bill was going past so he dropped in to see the unit. Eventually he was able to clear the faults and then they reconnected the unit and tested it again. To Mason’s relief it worked and was no longer tripping the circuit protection.

Airforce and Barry’s Electrical highly recommend the use of safety switches in the protection of all air conditioners as quite often it reduces the damage to a point where it does not blow the printed circuit boards. These can be expensive to repair and it is very worth while to have the extra protection. We also would prefer to see individual protection of the circuits so as to cause less inconvenience with only the one circuit tripping.

To see more about Masons switchboard, check the Blog “New Safety Switches in Albany Creek” that we posted on July 16, 2015

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