Andrew called from Upper Kedron and asked if we could connect his new hot water system.

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He said it was not a rush and I could not work out why until I saw what the situation was.

On getting to the house and then being shown the job, I realised that the plumber had connected the new hot water system to the existing wiring by using some connectors. They were good double screw connectors, and then he had taped up the whole mess with good electrical tape and left that for the customer to attend to, stating that he could not get his regular electrician for reasons unknown.

That was three months ago.

I removed the connections, one of which was water affected, and installed an isolating switch beside the hot water system. I glued the conduit in as well as supplying a gland for the flexible cable entry that was supplied connected to the hot water system.

The problem here is that the proper connections may never have been made if the owner had not remembered as well as the fact that the installer probably pocketed the electricians charges quoted.

The other and more serious problem is the connections being accessible to all persons and these would perish in the weather and become more accessible to little hands as time goes on./

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