Possums and powe055 (Small)r do not mix well.

I missed a call from Eliana but called her back a few moments later and could hear the smoke detector chirping in the background. That was just a smoke screen to the real problem. She then said that the safety switch had tripped and could not be reset so I went to investigate.

On entering the property she made me aware of some possums that were living in the back roof space so I made a bee line for that area. On closer inspection I found there was a good viewing area inside the old hot water system closet. I poked my head up into the area cautiously and found the problem cable that was showing considerable damage from a external force. You can see from the first photo that the damage was considerable and it is most likely that this is the cause of the fault and there would be fault currents flowing from the bared live wires to the bared earth wire

You may be able to see the culprit in the second photo. That is the mother possum and she is eating the insulation around the cable to get much needed minerals because the little one in the last photo is her baby and feeding the baby takes condition from the mother who does not want to leave him alone just yet. It seems to be that this stage is when any wiring in the vicinity is prone to this sort of damage from these cute pests.

I was able to keep the possums at bay and rerouted the new section of cable to a spot less prone to being nibbled and swept all her nesting material a little further away from the cables. I also recommended for the owners to try a little harder to coach the new family into a possum box which they already had, relocated to a better position next to the house but still under the eaves.

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