001 002I had to go see Don from Ferny grove and change some lights over and while I was there I noticed that he had no Safety Switches at all to any of his lights or power circuits.

We continued with the replacement of the lights and then added a power point to a more accessible height.

I offered to add the most recent trend of single pole safety switch / circuit breakers and he most happily agreed when I said the price.

It took maybe 20 or 25 minutes because of the simplicity of his switchboard but it certainly in now a very safe and easy to use switchboard with the latest and greatest protection on offer.

I myself put 5 safety switches on my switchboard some 16 years ago because I could see that it would become mandatory as time goes on to add more and more safety switch protection to more and more circuits and have found it to be very reliable.

It is also good to see the Safety Office promoting the wider use of safety switches throughout the house.

A little bit of hand written signage and all is finished


If You would like to get more protection on your switchboard the call Chris and MasonĀ  from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane on 0418739860 and let us advise you on how it can be achieved at your home