A Thankyou to Regal Distribution and CMG Motors for our recent dealings with them and the totally professional way in which they dealt with our problem.

Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane was called to sort out an after hours problem with an exhaust hood motor at a local Chinese Restaurant. We attended and found that the motor had tripped out on heat overload. The motor overload was reset and this did not appear to be a big problem as it was over 40 degrees at the time and the sun was also beating down on the hood where the motor was installed.

Chinese Restaurant Exhast Fan

This is a picture of the motor when we replaced it back in May 2013, you can see the red overload button on the side of the motor.

Four days later we were called to the same motor for a similar fault and we found the overload tripped out again but this time it was later in the evening when the sun was down and the temperature was not so extreme. We current tested the motor and found it to be higher than allowed so we rang the motor company and they allowed us to pick up a replacement motor under warranty to swap it out.

Chris and Mason pulled the canopy apart to get to the motor to disconnect the wiring and Mason found the motor to have a terminal with a strong heat effect which could account for the problems.

Chinese Restaurant Exhast Motor Terminal

Barry’s Electrical then repaired this fault and tested the motor again under load conditions to find it operating very well and within its ratings.

We thank Regal and CMG for allowing us to have the replacement motor and have returned the new motor to the warehouse at Willawong in Brisbane.

If you have exhaust hood issues in your North Brisbane business, call Chris anytime on 0418 739 860