Bob from Albany Creek, gave me a call about his spa that we installed back in September last year. It has to be moved from under the patio to way up the back, in the pool area, to comply to the new rules. I said “no problems if you dig the trench”.

Picture of Spa in the new pool gazebo, mason fitting the warning tape in the trench

001 (Medium)

002 (Medium)

Well it was the best trench I had seen in a long time. Perfect depth and wide enough to stand in so we got to work and extended the circuit through to the pool power point which we removed from the house circuit and then extended it through to the spa from there. Quite simple really but not without its complications of getting stuck by the fiberglass from the deteriorated sand filter and melting in the blazing sun, the ants, confined roof space and prickly garden plants. All in a days work really.

Now the pool and Spa are on the same circuit and protected by the new style single pole safety switch combination circuit breaker unit. This separates it from the house power points and the existing safety switch protection which will make it easier for Bob to locate any future faults the may occur ( on a Sunday of course ).

If you need electrical modifications done to comply to the councils new pool fencing rules, call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane on 0418739860 and let us help you comply.